Jesus is Coming Soon!

Jesus is truly coming soon!

Our ministry has been approach all around the world through internet with websites and online video sharing sites. The time that our Lord is coming is very near! We have to ready!

Watch these video to learn more about the end times and to know how to be ready for coming Jesus! We need the wedding garment in order to go to the Wedding of the Lamb!

Unripe Figs and Rapture

Seven Seal Revelations and Rapture

First Seal to Seventh Seal Revelation! End Times Event and Rapture! 

Great Earthquake and Asteroid Hits in Sixth Seal Events 

Dress Code of the Rapture of the Church! Be Ready for the Coming Messiah! 

Visit to the Coming Messiah Preparation Ministries. You can see more newer videos!

Jesus Loves You!

Jesus is coming soon!