Our Staffs

Dr JT Lee - Director and Minister

Kelvin Mireku - Associate Minister

B. Gloria Lee - Treasurer

Katia Nascimento - Secretary 

Timothy Lee - Program Manager

Rapture and End times Message

We believe that Jesus is coming very soon! We believe that we are currently waiting for the sixth seal event in the book of revelation chapter 6. Please visit Dr JT Lee youtube site. 

Welcome Brothers & Sisters

Rapture and Preparation
Jesus is coming so soon! We have to be prepared for His coming. This is good teaching of 7 Seal Revelation and preparation of Jesus.

We focus

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Jesus Loves You!

Heaven and Hell

Out ministry to focus many testimonies of heaven and hell. We also translate to different languages.

Visit http://www.heavenvisit.com  http://www.heavenvisit.net

Heaven is real! Hell is real! And Jesus is coming so soon!

Our mission to bring more souls to Jesus. We have made many Christians videos mainly related to heaven, hell and the end times. We also have translated in different languages and publish many videos which has been uploaded to Youtube periodically. We have been actively making videos in youtube, Vimeo, dailymotion and GodTube. Please contact us to give us your testimonies. So we can publish to internet! 

End Time Vision
Brother Larry Demers has had visions of end times of California earthquake, a war in Israel and USA bankrupcy, and great tsunami. 

Jesus is coming soon!